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About Tim - About cont.

Contact Us

Endorsements & Reviews

Last Craft Show

Amazing Grace Story

Christmas Story

Making Crosses

I re-supply Wood twice a year Jan & June Visit My eBay Store http://stores.ebay.com/timswoodart

I thank all of you!

Newest Item

I wanted to create Necklaces for some time. After a special request from Rector Darold Gonzales to create this necklace for 80 men attending a Men's *Cursillo Weekend in the early part of 2016. He had a very particular vision for this necklace. With the patience of both of us and four drafts created an emailed for changes or acceptance, this is the final piece.

Artistic vision is seeing something in your minds eye. Having someone else see the same thing takes patience even if it requires making a few tweaks, submitting and doing this until it meets the vision. I feel if someone is ordering a custom project, their vision is the most important aspect of the project.

I respect Rector Darold Gonzales for planning far ahead enough to accomplish a project like this, allowing me to do my best work. What I do is a work of love and each piece is handled several times before it's completed.

Get the Necklace here.

* The name Cursillo is Spanish, meaning short course, and is often associated with a 3-Day weekend - which is only one aspect of the Cursillo Movement. The proper name is Cursillo de Cristiandad (short course of Christianity). There is much more to the Cursillo Movement than just a 3-Day weekend. This Movement evolved from Spain in the early 1940s. It began when a group of men dedicated themselves to bringing the young men of Mallorca, Spain, to know Christ better. It developed as they prayed and worked together, sharing their thoughts about the state of the world and the effectiveness of their efforts to bring the light of Christ to it. In the late 1940s the first Cursillo was given and the Cursillo Movement began.

For full description: http://www.jolietcursillo.org/Downloads/The_Cursillo_Movement_What_Is_It.pdf

Wall Hanging Crosses or Ornament Size Crosses


My eBay store is updated more frequent than this site. I enjoy woodwork more than I do web design.

Click Here to see all the small crosses. Small Crosses Small Crosses
Save on S&H when you buy From my Hosted Sore.

Read about a compliment a customer Joe shared with me,
and View his Nativity Scene.

This Star of Bethlehem Cross is popular and sold out a couple times. Until recent eBay discarded selling history when items are were no longer available. So please don't judge the popularity of a cross based on the number sold shown on the listing. Fortunately eBay recently changed this policy and we keep our stats when we relist additional qualities. I was one of those requesting this change in policy and eBay listened.



Plaques for our Armed Services - Very Limited

Plaque for Marines.

These plaques measure 18-1/4 wide by 6-1/2 tall. The wing base is 3/4 thick with the feathers 1/8 thick Baltic Birch. The Star banner is 1/4 inch Baltic Birch.
All printing (text) is done in Pyrography (wood burning).
All pieces are hand sanded and finished with a rubbed on Satin Polyurethane.

These Plaques did take between 15 to 20 hours hands on work to make each one. Twenty Nine to Thirty pieces on this 18" plaque. They each have hanging hardware so they are ready to display in your home.

Price $80 Free shipping .
Email your request and I'll email back a PayPal Invoice. I will ship as soon as invoice is paid.










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